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The Healing Powers of India

Nov 13 2015

One of our Fall flavors is called The Healing Powers of India. I wanted to make a turmeric and ginger flavor, which are the base of many of my Fall stews, and to me represent the warmth of Fall. I imagined something healing; that when you eat it, you feel wellness and warmth, and the power of spice. I thought that carrots would be a natural compliment to the flavor; carrots are healthy, orange, sweet, and easy to juice. The nigella seeds came after. For a long time I thought that nigella seeds were black sesame seeds, when I used to find them on Turkish pide and on other Central Asian breads. Then I had an Indian tomato simmer sauce a few weeks back, and saw that the little seeds in the sauce were nigella seeds, and not sesame seeds, and that the flavor they impart was so delicious, that I wanted to get to know them more. The black nigella seeds add a hint of nuttiness, and a slight bitter flavor to the ice cream, as well as a beautiful black stud to compliment the vibrant yellow color of the ice cream. We put this flavor up today, and so far people are choosing it over chocolate.