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Spring Specials!

Apr 14 2016

Spring Specials!

Our Spring Specials are in and we are so thrilled for you to try them all! Our Sesame Mucho, Miso Lovely sundae is back from last year. We put sesame miso brownies, miso caramel, and halva cream on your soft serve of choice. Another repeat from last year is our Cheesecake Sundae with poached rhubarb, strawberry sauce, and graham cracker crumble on top. New to the line up is our Singing in the Rain, which has a matcha white chocolate sauce, raspberry drizzle, pistachio praline, and jasmine marshmallow. The fourth sundae is our Alfajor, with guava sauce, goat milk caramel, coconut, and alfajor cookies. Alfajor cookies are sandwich cookies from South America with caramel centers, wrapped with coconut. Sometimes the centers can be filled with guava, which is why the sundae comes with both. That one is our staff pick.

Our two smoothies are our Matcha Smoothie with matcha powder, miso caramel, and soft serve. The Spring Health Smoothie blends together banana, date, lime, coconut, spinach, cilantro, mint, bee pollen, and cashew milk.

And last, but not least, the VG Baked option is our Kulfi Blondie with honey, cardamom, and pistachio.