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Novelties & Brownies

Jan 26 2017

Novelties & Brownies

We have been busy since closing last November.  We have a new line of gelato cakes, individual pops, and bombes ready to rock your world.  

More photos and menus are coming soon, so please be patient! In the meantime, you can purchase these items from our retail freezer at Good Stock or by emailing us at info@victorygardennyc.com.  

In addition, you will be pleased to hear that we will be baking our Caramel Rosemary Brownies and selling smaller trays of them frozen.  You can take them home and defrost them at your leisure.  

Our Rose Petal Sufi Cake is made with Rose Petal Gelato, Persian Fairy Floss, Homemade Turkish Delights, and Crumbled Pistachios.