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Mini Goat Cheese Cheesecakes

Nov 13 2015

It took me a long time to open Victory Garden because I had to search for a couple of years to find the right location. While I was searching, I was also baking. I started selling mini goat cheese cheesecakes to friends and family, and friends of friends, and friends of family. I developed a recipe for little cheesecakes made with goat cheese, quark and seasonal toppings that I thought was delicious, yet light at the same time. The bottom was crunchy and the toppings were always seasonal. They quickly became a hit. Friends would order them to take to the Hamptons on the weekends, or for desserts at their dinner parties. I loved coming up with new combinations and making the rounds for the delivery. At one point in time, everyone was telling me that I should open Victory Garden for the cheesecakes, rather than the ice cream, but I was determined to follow through on my idea. Now that I am open, I am selling the mini cheesecakes in our Barn fridge. The next time you are in the shop, you should try one. The flavors are simple and delicious, with that ever so slight tang from the goat cheese. This week we debuted with Blueberry Lavender and Plain with Plum Topping.