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Champurrado Tart

Nov 12 2015

My chocolate Champurrado Tart is one of my specialties. I was inspired to create this tart after watching the 2006 film, Quinceanera, in which the girl in the movie's grandfather sells Champurrado in the streets of Los Angeles. I was familiar with atole, but had not tried champurrado before that movie. Atole is a Mexican cornmeal based beverage that comes in many flavors, and is drunk in colder weather for energy and sustenance. Champurrado is a chocolate flavored atole with aniseed. I loved the thought of chocolate and anise together, and ever since seeing the film, it has been one of my favorite combinations. The tart shells are made with a bit of Mexican cornmeal, and the filling has chocolate, thick cream, and aniseeds. It is a delightful experience that we hope you try.