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Avocado Toast – Boom!

Nov 12 2015

Avocado Toast – Boom!

I am not 100% sure where it started, but I think that it was Cafe Gitane that pioneered Avocado Toasts in New York City. Many restaurants now copy them in combining avocado with whole grain bread and chili flakes or whatever other touches they want to add. It seems to be a dish that has established itself as a menu staple for many a NYC restaurant.

I have been ordering organic produce from California for the past few weeks, and the most amazing avocados came through. Since we order from Orwashers, who make that delicious Swiss Health bread for the avocado toast, I have been eating these for lunch every day. And whoever is eating with me is lucky, because I usually prepare them a slice as well. This type of dish is what makes me excited about food. It is not a complicated recipe, nor does it involve a lot of time, but it does require attention to detail, quality ingredients, and proper preparation. I thought that I would share the steps I take to make this Avocado Toast with you. We are offering it at the shop by special request.

1) Toast however many slices of Swiss Health Bread from Orwashers you plan on eating.
2) Take a clove of garlic, and slice it in half. Take the cut side of the garlic and rub on the toasted bread. The bread will catch the oils of the garlic in it, leaving just a subtle amount, the amount that makes this whole thing irresistible. This is exactly how I make Pan con Tomate in the Summer, and is a key trick for any bruschetta style appetizers.
3) Brush or drizzle the toast with extra virgin olive oil.
4) Scoop half of a ripe avocado and mount on top of the bread slices. This can just be done in what ever way covers the bread with the avocado.
5) Drizzle some lemon juice on top.
6) Season with freshly ground black pepper, sea salt flakes (Maldon is the best for this), and chili flakes. I recently bought some smoked chile flakes by Daphnis and Chloe at the Mastiha Shop the other day, and they blow my mind. The owners source their herbs and spices from small organic farms in Greece, and they are really amazing. These Chile Flakes are a variety unique to Greece, and are still smoked over wood. These little details are what transform a simple avocado toast into a delicious eating experience.